“I came to Nicola shortly after giving birth to my first and only daughter. I was a new mother, breastfeeding, extremely tired and sluggish, suffering broken sleep and struggling to make every day decisions. As a result, I suffered with low moods. Nicola went through my whole health history, and came up with a realistic nutrition and fitness plan. What I liked most was that the plan suited me not the other way round. She also provided some nice lifestyle tips which I did without even noticing I was doing anything different! I have been to see Nicola a number of times since as my needs have changed. I am currently working with Nicola on a sports nutrition plan as I am back in my normal running regime entering races throughout London.”



“I approached Nicola on my third pregnancy when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Although I thought I was eating healthy I quickly discovered that there were changes I needed to make. Having spent a lot of time in hospitals being lectured on what not what to do and receive at most times very confusing and often conflicting information, it was a relief to speak to someone who understood me, took control of the situation and allowed us to come together to create a lifestyle plan which I could actually follow. Nicola worked with me throughout my pregnancy and post birth when I knew I would need a lot of extra nutritional support. Despite having GD, I actually lost weight (a healthy amount) during my pregnancy and actually had more energy. I am now working with Nicola on a lifestyle plan, which will help support me as a working mother of three children.”



“I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism from an early age and have taken medication since diagnosed. I have tried to come off a number of times but always ended up feeling very tired to the point where I could not function. I approached Nicola after researching the links between nutrition and hypothyroidism. Nicola quickly came up a nutritional plan to suit my lifestyle. We decided that it was best not to come off my conventional medication but she advised me to carry out in-depth testing which I had never done before and encouraged me to get more answers from the doctor (she actually liaised with my doctor to carry our further testing). I have since reduced my medication, have lots more energy, better concentration, improved memory, sleep better and and generally feel better all over. My friends and family have also said that I look younger which is a huge bonus!”