Put a spring back in your step!

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year. Sometimes we think about spring as the in-between winter and summer. The got to get in shape for summer time. I love it for itself and all it brings. New  life. New beginning. A fresh start and a great time to leave bad habits behind.

Here are my top ten tips for Spring!

  1. Get outdoors when you can; walk, run, jog, practice yoga, whatever it is do it outdoors. If you are a city dweller like me – aim to get to the countryside when you can!
  2. Switch out breakfast for a juice or smoothie – use seasonal vegetables and berries (berries have lower sugar than lots of fruits).
  3. Try a cleanse or a detox. There are a variety of cleanses and detox programmes you can try (all should be supervised via a nutritionist).
  4. Go raw when you can! Its save time and energy and you can make sure you are getting all the nutritional value of food.
  5. Eat Organic – not only in spring – always!
  6. Remember to always eat seasonal – check out what is in season – this season!
  7. Fast – going 16 hours between your last meal (dinner) and next meal (let’s say breakfast) is greatly beneficial to the body so it can do what it should be doing; clearing up old waste, hormones and helping you with energy and weight loss
  8. Increase your water intake. Try adding fruit and vegetable to waters for some flavour. Try coconut waters (remember some commercial brands have a lot of sugar – seek our low sugar options).
  9. Review your supplement regime – if you are taking supplements – it may be time to review what and why you are taking these – *this should be supervised. Do not stop taking any medication without the consent of your primary healthcare practitioner.
  10. Go to bed earlier to wake up earlier – getting 8 hours sleep is essential to good health. The body repairs when sleeping- so make sure you get your zzz’s in.

These are my general tips which can help you put a spring back in your step this season. If you want to know more about what best works for you Contact me for a professional, personal consultation with a realistic nutrition protocol which fits into your lifestyle.

Through a personalised consultation, I can help you understand more about your body and how it works;

  • How does my body absorb the nutrients from food?
  • Am I nutrient deficient?
  • Do I have the right co – factors to carry out  biochemical reactions I need for optimal health.
  • How does my body use fats, carbs and proteins in the creation of energy?
  • What is my detoxification capacity?
  • Am I gut healthy?
  • What is happening in each of my cells (the key to healthy ageing).
  • Are my inflammatory pathways raised? An important factor in the creation of disease.

Let me help you put a spring back in your step!

Nicola x


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