Welcome to 2017.  New year. New Start. New Today.

This is a great time to say goodbye to poor health habits which may contribute to less than optimal health and set intentions for the year ahead.

There is so much conflicting information at this time of year – the perfect diet, what are celebrities doing,  how to lose weight in 5 days!. The do’s and don’ts of nutrition and exercise have never been more confusing.

This is where I can help you. Through a personalised nutritional consultation. Together we will find out what is good for you and your body.

I will guide you through what you need to know. Separate fact from fiction. Assess any imbalances or inflammation throughout your body. Create a nutritional protocol that you can follow and that suits your lifestyle – not the other way round. This is why so many diets and nutrition plans fail.

I practice personalised nutrition as this ensures your body is getting everything it needs for optimal health.  In the same way our bodies are unique; eye color, hair color, height, physical appearance, likes and dislikes. How our body absorbs and breaks down nutrients, how we create energy and store fat is individual to us all. Nutrition is individual to us all.

Therefore, food is information. It can keep us healthy and happy. Or it can harm us.

In the short term our bodies adapt and survive to poor nutrition or malnutrition. However, you are likely to feel and suffer from;

  • Adult acne and skin conditions
  • Difficulty controlling weight gain
  • Feeling constantly tired, run down and stressed
  • Hormonal issues; imbalances, mood swings
  • Inflammation
  • Lack of concentration
  • PMS
  • Poor memory
  • Sleeping issues
  • Thyroid issues

In the long term, this may affect the ageing process (yes we will age physically quicker) but more importantly the risk of disease may be greater.

Through a personalised consultation, I can help you understand more about your body answering the below questions.

  • How does my body absorb the nutrients from food?
  • Am I nutrient deficient?
  • Do I have the right co – factors to carry out  biochemical reactions I need for optimal health.
  • How does my body use fats, carbs and proteins in the creation of energy?
  • What is my detoxification capacity?
  • Am I gut healthy?
  • What is happening in each of my cells (the key to healthy ageing).
  • Are my inflammatory pathways raised? An important factor in the creation of disease.

Contact me for a professional, personal consultation with a realistic nutrition protocol which fits into your lifestyle.

You maybe new to the field of  functional testing and genetic testing. I can happy to assist and advise (when I feel necessary) best tests which can help you gain a greater insight to what is exactly happening within your body

From me and all at Voyage for Health Nutrition, wishing you a happy and healthy journey this year.

Lets make 2017 great.

Nicola x



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