In addition, I am currently running the below programs which I have developed to offer you extra support during particularly challenging times.

  • Fertility – The Fertility Diet & The Fertility Detox
  • IVF – Getting IVF ready. The IVF Diet
  • Thyroid Health – The Thyroid Diet

Frequently asked questions

What are your terms and conditions?

Payment can be made via bank transfer prior to your appointment and this is the prefered method of payment. I will provide you with the details during our telephone conversation and via email. You are also more than welcome to pay the full amount at the time of your appointment also.  While I will do everything to accommodate you, I will require a 24 hours notice for cancellation. Anything after this will be charged at the full cost.

What should I expect during the consultation?

During our initial free telephone consultation, we can discuss your goals & targets. Plus if there is a specific health concern. I encourage you to discuss what you hope to achieve and I will tell you how I can help you.

Prior to our initial consultation, I will ask you to;

  • Complete a 5-day food diary (food, drinks, snacks, timings)
  • List medications; supplements, over the counter or prescribed drugs you are taking
  • List allergies or intolerances

Your initial consultation will take approximately 60 – 75 minutes.

Depending on the program, we will cover specific areas such as;

  • Current health
  • Medical history
  • Review of each of the body’s systems
  • Family medical history
  • Food dairy and food habits
  • Sleep patterns
  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness
  • Environment
  • Support community


Specialist programs are developed to offer you a series of support sessions during a time when you body is under extra pressure of if there is a condition which is constantly putting extra demands on your body. The format of the programs will differ per program.


Please note that the IVF Diet and Life style support diet does not guarantee the success of an IVF cycle. Improved nutrient status can help the body strive under times of extra pressure.

Can I book an initial consultation only?

No. An initial consultation will identify what we need to address.  Our  follow-up is session is essential to  see how you are  progressing, if we need to make any changes and to adjust your plan so that it can work for you in the long term. This is a great chance to discover what worked for you and how we can progress our long term goals.

Does anyone else have access to my information?

All client information is private and confidential and is for the sole use of Voyage for Health Nutrition.

Will you share this information with my GP?

No. Everything we discuss is private and confidential.

There may be a time when I require your GP/NHS practitioner to carry out testing on your behalf and with your consent, I will write to request specific tests. In this letter,  I will simply share that you are my client and are seeking nutritional advice for a specific condition. I will not share any of my case notes with any third party.

If you are on a medical diet it is advised your share your nutritional protocol with your GP/NHS practitioner.

Can I stop seeing my GP if I come to see you

No. Nutritional therapy is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care provider. You should always consult your GP if you require medical attention or have symptoms that are causing concern. I always encourage you to share your nutritional protocol with your GP/NHS Practitioner.

Can I arrange a consultation with you to discuss a friend or family member?

In order for me to assess and give safe, professional, accurate, specific advice, I will need to review this with the person who has a health concern. However, I can offer general information for those living with people who have a particular concern. This is not seen as a full consultation and will be at a discounted price. Please note that this information is not specific to the patient and it is always advisable for a client to receive a one to one consultation. Please be aware of confidentially issues when discussing health concerns.

Can I arrange an initial consultation via Skype?

Yes, although I like to meet you face to face for your initial consultation, I carry out many consultations via SKYPE. My skype details are; Voyage for Health Nutrition with Nicola Mulvey.

Can you guarantee a successful IVF cycle with your special Diet and Support Program

The outcome of your IVF cycle cannot be guaranteed by any healthcare professional. There are numerous factors which play a part in a successful outcome – a healthy mature egg leading to pregnancy. Ovarian Reserve, Embryo quality and Embryo Transfer are just a few factors.

The aim of my program is to assess the nutritional statues of your body. The nutritional needs of the body for fertility and pregnancy are very different to its everyday needs. In addition, the emotional and physical burden of IVF treatment can itself affect the reproductive system, and increase in stress hormones can interfere with ovulation in women. I want to make sure that the body is in the best place it can be before you start treatment so that you are ready for the extra demands on your body.  I also offer support throughout wit this program. Dealing with the emotional burden of IVF is just as important as the physical demands.