Spring Clean Your Diet

Put a spring back in your step! Spring is one of my favourite times of the year. Sometimes we think about spring as the in-between winter and summer. The got to get in shape for summer time. I love it for itself and all it brings. New  life. New beginning. A fresh start and a great time to leave bad habits […]


Welcome to 2017.  New year. New Start. New Today. This is a great time to say goodbye to poor health habits which may contribute to less than optimal health and set intentions for the year ahead. There is so much conflicting information at this time of year – the perfect diet, what are celebrities doing,  how to lose weight in 5 […]

1 – day Juice Cleanse – Kick start your Winter Detox

1 – day Juice Cleanse at Voyage for Health Kitchen Part of my winter detox programs, I am walking the walk and giving my digestive system a little rest. I have designed a simple one-day juice plan which consists of; a breakfast juice to kick start your day, lunch and dinner juices, and a relaxing bed – time […]

Detoxify up your life!

Detoxify and make your life easier A bold statement but true and here is why. The reality is our body is always in detox mode – we are constantly detoxifying. If we did not, we would simply not be here today. When I talk about detoxifying, I mean that we simply give our detox organs a little […]

The Winter Detox Super Smoothie

A blog is not a blog without a green juice or smoothie. And with good reason. It’s a perfect means to supply the body with all the essential minerals and vitamins it needs in a form that is readily digested and quickly assimilated and all in one bright, beautiful, and delicious drink. This is pretty amazing and […]

My version of a Persian Omelet

I came across this recipe a long time ago, whilst searching for the perfect Turkish “Menemen” Omelet (will save that for another post!). It’s really so quick and easy to make but full of flavour and goodness. I cook this up for breakfast, lunch or dinner and no dish is ever the same (depending what […]

My Essential guide to 8 essential oils

My essential guide to 8 essential oils There is a growing amount of evidence around the effectiveness of essential oils. Although they have been used in medicine for 1,000’s of years they are recently making a comeback into our lives. These are a favorite in my household and used for just about everything. So let […]

Quick and Easy Coconut Balls

Another one from my quick and simple range. Yummy coconut balls. This is great if you need a quick fix of energy or if you are on the go. I take a bag along on long walks to dish out to my friends! Makes me very popular! Coconut oil – a natural saturated fat – […]

Quick cook nutty homemade Granola

Quick cook nutty homemade Granola This is a great breakfast idea for when you are on the go. I am not sure if this can technically be classified as Granola. But for the sake of this post (and to be perfectly honest this is the term used in my household!) It is so simple and […]

Welcome to my blog

Hi. Welcome to my blog. This is my space to share my thoughts with you and welcome you into my world. Why am I writing this blog? Well I hope to create a positive space to inspire and be inspired and share my thoughts and ideas with you. As a Naturopathic Nutritionist, I always take a  natural approach […]

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