Detoxify and make your life easier

A bold statement but true and here is why.

The reality is our body is always in detox mode – we are constantly detoxifying. If we did not, we would simply not be here today.

When I talk about detoxifying, I mean that we simply give our detox organs a little holiday. Our lovely liver is an amazing  organ but there are other major detox organs involved; the Digestive Track, The Kidneys, The Lymphatic System and the Blood. So basically the whole body!

These systems come under attack when there are simply too many toxins to process at the one time. How do I know if my body is in toxic over-load? You may not associate toxic – overload but you may feel some of the following symptoms;

Feeling run down, stressed, sluggish, cold, lack of energy, poor concentration, poor memory. trouble losing weight  puffy feat, ankles and stiff joints.

Why would I allow this to happen? Where do all of these toxins come from?

There are the toxins in the environment which sadly we cannot escape from. And off course there are those that we put into our body ourselves…..Probably less known is the toxins our own bodies make. A quick rundown on this. Oxidation is a natural process in the body – and not necessarily a bad thing. It is the process of energy creation in the cells – fat and glucose burned with oxygen (so basically how we stay alive). The by – products of oxidation (oxidants) – can damage the cells in our body if we don’t remove them.

So how can we help our body rid itself of all the nasty toxins. By improving our detoxification pathways. Our first line of defence (which is seldom mentioned) is actually our digestive track – along with digestive enzymes which break down food to enter the body.  I won’t go into too much detail here but our gut and bacteria is the next step.

Our liver detoxification pathways in its simplest form are broken down into two areas. Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 is all about breaking down harmful substances into less harmful substances. While Phase 2 is all about elimination. In order to complete both phases there are a number of detox nutrients or (anti-oxidants) which are needed.

So what you can do to help this along? The obvious to start with. Eat the right foods, exercise, sleep, correct hydration, avoid allergens and trigger foods. But as we have seen sometimes this is just not enough.

I have developed a series of 10 – DAY DETOX plans which gives our detox organs a well – earned rest. And of course time to get on with other important things. A good example, helping us lose weight? Now I have your attention!

So when our liver gets completely overloaded with toxins – the body – being the clever little thing it is – stores them somewhere – and where would that be? In our fat cells. So we put weight on not only because of the numerous factors involved in weight gain but to accommodate all of the toxins stored in fat.

If we free up our liver – through detoxification – it transports the toxins to the lymphatic system, the kidneys and the blood. This makes it now easier for the body to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise because the fat cells are not clinging to the toxins to protect your body from them (our clever little bodies).

My program involves removing foods from the diet; Wheat, Milk, Caffeine, Bad Fats etc. Adding some good stuff  like; vegetables from the cruciferous family (or Brassica family), seeds and smoothies. In addition, I have designed a supplement protocol which involves all the key nutrients for phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification.

And to make this super easy for you, I will provide you with a daily food menu. I won’t lie this is a big commitment but for a short period of time. If you are dedicated – like all of my programs this is completely achievable.  The benefits are HUGE.

Contact me to find our more and start DETOXIFYING today

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Nicola x

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