1 – day Juice Cleanse at Voyage for Health Kitchen

Part of my winter detox programs, I am walking the walk and giving my digestive system a little rest.

I have designed a simple one-day juice plan which consists of; a breakfast juice to kick start your day, lunch and dinner juices, and a relaxing bed – time juice. In addition, there are 2 non – dairy milk options. The milk options are to ensure you are getting your daily dose of good fats! Please note these should be non – dairy options only.

Like all of my programs, this is realistic, achievable and ensures you are getting all the correct nutrients.

If you are struggling on winter days, feel free to switch out the lunch & dinner juice for a home – made hearty soup. Whilst this is fine – raw food does have the advantage of keeping all of its nutrients in tact – nothing lost in the cooking process. However, my plan consists of lovely soup alternatives!

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